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GNLD FDA licenseGNLD's FDA Pharmaceutical License

-- We're proud of it --

-- We're Proud of Our Record --

Golden NeoLife Diamite maintains a pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturing License even though, as a nutritional supplement manufacturer, GNLD is under no requirement to do so.  This opens up every aspect of GNLD's operation to many things, including unannounced inspection by FDA inspectors.

There is no law requiring supplement manufacturers, such as GNLD, to meet the stringent standards required of pharmaceutical drug manufacturers, since GNLD does not manufacture drugs.  However, GNLD voluntarily subjects itself to such scrutiny to assure the quality of their products and the integrity of their labels.

In addition to maintaining their Drug Manufacturing License, several of GNLD's key personnel hold manufacturing licenses issued by the State of California Board of Pharmacy.  For companies in California, these licenses supersede a license from the U.S. FDA and require more stringent standards.

With GNLD's strict internal controls and focus on quality, you can be confident that GNLD's products are pure and free of toxins, and that they deliver proven results.

We're Proud of Our Record

The FDA license number for GNLD's manufacturing division, Natural Formulas, is 40708.  GNLD's commitment to excellence creates no regrets.

GNLD applied for and was granted an additional license to develop their own manufacturing equipment.  Their cutting edge products sometimes require scientific equipment not yet even designed.

  • Long-established, solid reputation for integrity, high quality health products, and a proven "What's Right" philosophy:
  • What's Right for the customer.
  • What's Right for the company.
  • What's Right for the environment.
  • 40 Years of UNEQUALED Breakthroughs!!!  We set the industry standard for leading edge scientific discoveries as "FIRSTs" in the industry!  The GNLD difference sets us apart.

    Read about our historical scientific breakthroughs!!!

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