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Our breakthrough products are Natural Whole-Food Supplements Based in Nature & Backed by Science!!!
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Golden NeoLife Diamite Office

Golden NeoLife Diamite (GNLD) sits atop a foundation of success that began in 1958. This heritage of success makes GNLD an industry leader in every way.

More Than 50 World Markets!
Golden NeoLife Diamite is an international company, and our global support structure reaches around the world! GNLD gives you access to a trillion dollar market!

GNLD's FDA Pharmaceutical License!
GNLD maintains a pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturing License even though, as a nutritional supplement manufacturer, they are under no requirement to do so.  This opens up every aspect of their operation to many things, including unannounced inspection by FDA inspectors.

World's Finest Health Products!
Golden NeoLife Diamite's unmatched commitment to following Nature's Blueprint when creating their health products, coupled with the leading-edge research of our Scientific Advisory Board, guarantees the finest health products available - anywhere!

GNLD Research Quote by Barbara Ralston

"GNLD researches the science of, and produces, food supplements, and has done so with the highest degree of scientific and ethical integrity for over 50 years.  We're confident that in a constantly-changing and sometimes overwhelming scientific arena, GNLD's nutritional expertise and commitment to leading-edge science offers a rare and welcome combination of credibility that we can trust now and in the years ahead."

-- Barbara Ralston,
Director of the Health Library at Stanford University
(Quoted at the Dr. Arthur Furst Lecture Series at Stanford University)

Top-Notch Support!
Effective, person-to-person training, the very best sales tools, and the ongoing support of proven Golden NeoLife Diamite Sales Leaders are the time-tested keys to GNLD's success.

Amazing Success!
All over the world, more people than ever are living the life of their dreams with GNLD!

  • Modern corporate headquarters in Fremont, California. Home offices in Europe, South Africa, and Australia.

  • State of the art manufacturing plant, research laboratory, 600 employees, 52 global business support centers, $100 million health product inventory.

  • Debt-free private company. Executive staff has over 80 years experience in international network marketing.

  • "Scientific Advisory Board" with world-renowned scientists, including Dr. Arthur E. Furst, founder of chemotherapy.

  • Long-established, solid reputation for integrity, high quality health products, and a proven "What's Right" philosophy:
  1. What's Right for the customer.
  2. What's Right for the company.
  3. What's Right for the environment.
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