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GNLD's Scientifically Advanced Products:

Based in Nature -- Backed by Science!!!

Advanced Scientific Research means Leading-Edge Products!
  • GNLD Neolife is backed by science imageA remarkable history of technical achievements and industry "firsts".   GNLD introduced the only Carotenoid supplement proven by USDA reasearchers to boost immunity by 37 percent in 20 days!

  • The world's best minds form our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and direct GNLD's research, development and testing!

  • SAB member, Dr. A. Carughi, presents GR2 Control to the American College of Nutrition.

  • World-leading Swiss formulators test the defying power of Nutriance.

  • Our own FDA licensed laboratory and factory support innovative research and deliver promised results.

  • Scientifically tested products proven to deliver promised results.

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The World's Best Scientific Experts Unite

With a watchful eye on the future, GNLD's Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) has partnered with the world's best scientific minds to create an expansive Global Science Network.  This Network has included researchers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, the United Nations, and dozens of world-leading formulators, raw materials suppliers, and clinical laboratories.  GNLD's commitment to science is the main reason why they remain on the leading edge of product innovation, quality, and results.

This far-reaching network is the future for other companies, but it's the present for GNLD today!

Life-changing products based in nature, backed by science.

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PHONE:  575.354.2086

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