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Minerals with Vitamin D !!!

Chelated Cal-Mag with Vitamin DCal-Mag® provides GNLD's unique amino-acid-chelated calcium to improve absorption in a 2-to-1 ratio with magnesium, a mineral which plays important roles in numerous enzyme systems and in helping to regulate the cardiovascular system and muscle contraction.  These calcium-magnesium capsules contain Vitamin D3 for those people who don't receive enough of this vitamin in their diet.

Recent studies have suggested that over 70 percent of us do not get the recommended 400 IU (RDA) of Vitamin D.  And the latest scientific studies show that we need even more Vitamin D than previously recommended for optimal heart health, immune function, and long term breast health.  These roles are in addition to the critical contribution Vitamin D provides towards bone health. (See references.)

Certified Kosher:  View Certificate

Experts have now linked 18 types of cancer to people who don't get enough Vitamin D! (See references.)

FACTOID:  Carbonation is high in phosphoric acid that can raise levels of natural occurring phosphorus in the blood.  Phosphorus causes the body to break down calcium from your bones to supplement blood calcium levels to allow for a proper ratio of calcium and phosphorus which is about 2 to 1 for a normal ratio or a 1-to-1 depending on the amount consumed.  What this means is that you are weakening your quote graphic

SPECIAL NOTE:  Vitamin D3 is found in animals and Vitamin D2 is found in plants.  Vitamin D3 version has better bio-availability whereas Vitamin D2 is the version that is found in prescription drugs.  Since we are animals and not plants, we need to have animal-sourced Vitamin D available for optimum human health.


  • Calcium gives strength and structure to bones and teeth, controls muscle contraction and blood clotting, and plays a role in the transmission of nerve impulses.  However, a large percentage of Americans fail to meet currently recommended guidelines for optimal calcium intake.

  • Many people will experience bone fractures due to osteoporosis, a disease marked by the gradual thinning and weakening of bones so it is wise to either get more calcium from your diet or supplement for nutritional support.

  • Many, many Americans have hypertension, or high blood pressure.  Research shows that eating a low-fat diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and calcium may help lower blood pressure.

One study published in the medical journal, Lancet, found that 37% of their study participants (who all had rheumatoid arthritis) had food sensitivities that were one of the causes of their arthritis.  There are many symptoms of food sensitivities, one of which is joint pain.  Identifying foods that cause inflammation for you may decrease arthritic quote graphic


You can be magnesium deficient by not taking in enough magnesium.  Along with not taking enough magnesium in, you can also become magnesium deficient by using your muscles too much.  The body requires Calcium to fire, or contract, a muscle fiber.  Magnesium is required to release, or turn off that contraction.  Firing a muscle over an over obviously increases the amount of calcium used up to contract a muscle fiber, and thus increases the amount of magnesium used to to turn each of those firing muscle fibers 'off'. So basically, there are two primary ways to create a magnesium deficiency.  You either don't eat enough sources of magnesium, or for a variety of reasons, your body uses a lot of magnesium and that leaves you deficient in magnesium.  Which comes right back down to not having enough magnesium intake in your diet.
  1. If you have tendonitis pain, then you have muscles that are chronically too tight.  This points to being or becoming magnesium deficient.

  2. If you notice that your muscles spasm sometimes or constantly, then you are calcium and/or magnesium deficient.

  3. Depending on your diet and nutritional intake, it's safe to say you could use more calcium and magnesium.

  4. If you feel like your muscles just won't 'let go', and/or if you feel like the pain has a 'tension' element, then it's safe to say that you could benefit from more magnesium.

Pain creates tightness (and vice versa).  Tightness uses up magnesium.  Your diet is unlikely providing you the magnesium you need.  Try adding some magnesium and see what happens.  I'm not going to say how much, that's up to you, and it's different for everybody.

FACTOID for Vitamin D3:  Get a blood test for the "25 Hydroxy Vitamin D Level" - deficiency will show lower than 20 nanograms per quote graphic

calcium intake chart graphic magnesium intake chart graphic

Low mineral absorption causes the body to be acidic.
Cancer likes acid quote graphic

Benefits of GNLD's Chelated Cal-Mag® with Vitamin D

  • Calcium and magnesium, necessary for strong bones and teeth, are also critical to many enzyme reactions, cardiovascular health, PMS, normal blood pressure, and nerve & muscle function.***

  • Adequate calcium and vitamin D as part of a healthy diet, along with physical activity, may help reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life, especially for teen and young adult women.

  • Vitamin D nutritionally supports breast, bone, heart, and immune health.***

  • GNLD's Cal-Mag® products show a significantly higher calcium and magnesium absorption demonstrated in comparative tests.

  • GNLD's double amino chelates employ glycine for significantly higher calcium and magnesium absorption.

  • Preferred 2:1 ratio, calcium to magnesium.

  • Organically-derived eggshell calcium is readily absorbable and highly bioavailable.

  • Contains no dairy products, corn, soy, wheat, or yeast products.  Most egg allergies are caused by egg protein.  Egg protein is not present in the mineral egg shell, which is used in this product.

  • Easy-to-swallow coated tablets.

  • Does not contain fish liver oil!

  • NEW Cal-Mag® with 1000 IU Vitamin D3 from cholecalciferol, which is readily absorbable and highly bio-available, introduced in February, 2010.

The natural color used in both Cal-Mag® products is carmine, a pure, natural color also known as Cochineal.  Carmine is widely used in the nutrition industry for its rich color for decades.

New Cal-Mag calcium magnesium with 1,000 IU Vitamin D3

What, Exactly, is "Mineral Chelation"?

(Firstly, it is NOT the same as "chelation therapy".)

The late Dr. Arthur Furst developed the GNLD system for chelating mineral products.  He explained that many of the mineral products which are made today fail to live up to the high quality suggested by their label claims.  He pointed out that the word chelate means "claw".  This word as GNLD uses it refers to the process of grabbing onto a mineral with an amino acid.

An amino acid-mineral combination will withstand the stomach acid in intact form.  This makes it much easier to absorb minerals.  Combinations of minerals with other substances like carbonates, sulfates, or clorides do not stand up to the acid in the stomach.  The bonds break apart and the minerals are poorly absorbed.

chelated mineral molecule image photoMinerals usually exist with a positive charge.  The lining of the small intestine has a negative charge.  As a result, minerals tend to be attracted to the lining of the small intestine (opposites attract), but they are poorly absorbed.  Many products claim to be chelated, but this process is rarely performed properly.

Dr. Furst explained that for proper chelation concentrations of amino acids and minerals, pH, and temperature must be varied to achieve the wrapping of the amino acid around a mineral.  Many companies just mix amino acids and minerals together, dry the mixture, and call them chelated minerals.  Most minerals have two ionic charges which must be neutralized for efficient absorption of the mineral.

GNLD has developed a technology which permits a double wrap of the minerals with amino acids where this is necessary and appropriate for optimal absorption of the mineral.  GNLD also seeks to bind minerals with specific amino acids which will optimize absorption and utilization of the mineral in the body.  This is why calcium and magnesium are combined with glycine while zinc is combined with methionine.  GNLD Chelated Cal-Mag® tablets have almost total dissolution within 30 minutes.  The government standard is 75 percent dissolution in 30 minutes and most calcium supplements fail this test.  Testing on GNLD minerals suggests that the chelated minerals are absorbed two to six times better than non-chelated minerals.

Quality of mineral supplementation is based upon two basic criteria — dissolution and absorption and the GNLD mineral products excel in both of these areas.  It should also be pointed out that there are literally dozens of minerals which are needed in very tiny quantities by the body.  The best and safest way to obtain these minerals is by consumption of sea foods.  Sea vegetation is a particularly valuable source of trace minerals.

Read more about Mineral Chelation here.

GNLD Chelated Multi-Min™ Minerals and all of the Uni-Paks use sea vegetation as one of the ingredients in the product to provide a rich natural source of the minerals required in only minute quantities.  Sea vegetation has the advantage of not containing the high levels of aluminum found in many colloidal mineral products and it does not have the salt content of sea salt.  Minerals in sea vegetation are also found in an organic matrix making them easier to use than minerals outside of a biological quote graphic

None of GNLD's products contain Coral calcium.  Coral calcium is not a source of calcium normally found inside the human food chain.  There are also several safety issues as some of the natural components of coral are toxic to humans.

Coral calcium is sourced from coral reefs.  If sourced from living coral reefs, this poses a huge problem to the eco-system, as the world's coral reefs contribute greatly to the earth's well being in many aspects, from providing shorelines with protection by breaking waves, to regulating atmospheric carbon dioxide quote graphic

Studies have demonstrated that if large amounts of supplemental calcium are ingested in a single dose, the percentage of actual absorption by the body greatly diminishes.  Therefore, it would be beneficial to take calcium supplements in small increments throughout the day.

Several factors can also interfere with calcium absorption.  Certain foods containing oxalic acid such as spinach and Swiss chard can inhibit calcium absorption by binding with calcium and forming an insoluble compound.  A diet high in saturated fat can also affect absorption.  Fat binds with calcium and forms insoluble soaps.  This process known as "saponification" also renders calcium insoluble; it is simply excreted through the digestive tract.  Consequently, while there is no specific advantage to calcium absorption while sleeping, bedtime supplementation is a good way to avoid food combinations that may limit calcium absorption.

“.....calcium has a calming effect on the body, ensures peaceful sleep and is excellent for the increase of endurance for sports people.  Cal-Mag is also therapeutic, in that it helps break the building up of acids that your body crates during exercise.  Should the body not have the necessary calcium in it, it will remove calcium from your bones and teeth to neutralize the acid.  Cal-Mag is therefor preventitive in nature against arthritis and gout in later years.  Magnesium helps with the absorbtion of calcium.  Again, the amounts that the nutrients are offered in Cal-Mag have been thoroughly researched and originate out of our food chain and not out of other damaging “natural” sources.”
-- Dr. Don Lawsonpost quote graphic

Lastly, some people who suffer from night leg cramps find taking calcium at bedtime relieves that problem.  GNLD Calcium supplements are perfect for that use as well.  If you have leg cramps during the daytime, you might want to try GNLD's Vitamin E Plus for nutritional support.

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