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Life without heartburn and gas !!!  Enjoy the foods you love to eat !!!

We don't usually pay much attention to our digestive system until something goes wrong.  Then we tend to look to the drug store for solutions to address painful symptoms — heartburn, flatulence, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, upset stomach -- rather than the underlying causes of discomfort.  Overuse of such “solutions” — especially antacids and laxatives — may exacerbate problems.  Digestive troubles can be more than just the price we pay for overeating, eating on the run, or giving in to the temptation of certain foods:  They may signal serious conditions, such as ulcers, diverticulitis (inflamed or abscessed pockets in the intestinal wall), and even cancer.

Elimination deals with the removal of everything that was not absorbed from the digestive tract, as well as wastes produced by the body.  Cells produce waste products during metabolism.  All of the waste products of metabolism are toxic to the body and must be eliminated.  Improper elimination poses a serious health risk.  As waste accumulates in the intestines, toxins begin to build up and can be reabsorbed into the bloodstream.

Trouble Along the Way:  Common Problems With Digestion

  • PROBLEM #1.  Too little hydrochloric acid
  • PROBLEM #2.  Not enough fiber
  • PROBLEM #3:  Too little lactase
  • PROBLEM #4:  Overburdened enzyme supplies
  • PROBLEM #5:  Depleted beneficial bacteria in the intestine

GNLD has formulated a series of leading-edge products to address the most common “problem areas” within the digestive tract.  Employing the most recent scientific findings and selecting only the finest natural ingredients, the GNLD Scientific Advisory Board has created a product line of digestive aids to provide complete and balanced support for the entire system.  To support the natural balance of the digestive tract, our products provide vital acids, enzymes, “good” bacteria, fiber, and other healthful factors.  Plant-sourced and naturally derived ingredients work with the body to enhance digestion so that you are able to unlock the complete nutritional power of the foods you eat.

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Acidophilus Plus™
For Intestinal Health

Reduces intestinal fermentation, gas, bloating and abdominal discomfort.  Acidophilus Plus™ relieves bad breath, foul smelling feces, detoxifies harmful chemicals, and reduces the risk of disease.  It protects against yeast sensitivities and infections, helps digest milk protein, produce Vitamin B, enhance calcium absorption and stimulate enzyme activity.  It ensures adequate friendly bacteria in the intestines to aerate the bowel and maintain a more acid pH.  Acidophilus Plus™ can stop inappropriate growth of unfriendly, disease-causing organisms (E. coli, salmonella, shigella, clostridium and candida).

GNLD NeoLife's supplement of beneficial bacteria, Acidophilus Plus™ supplement for supporting digestive enzymes health, combines potency with technology to guarantee that live organisms survive the stomach acid and reach the intestines to deliver five billion viable organisms capable of supporting optimal digestive tract function.  A "must-have" health care product for help with yeast infection problems, diahhrea, lactose intolerance and mood swings.

GNLD NeoLife Acidophilus Plus™ supplies the beneficial ("good") intestinal bacteria that promote health, discourage the growth of disease-causing ("bad") bacteria and pathogenic fungi, and improve the balance of microbes which normally inhabit our intestines.  Many beneficial bacteria transform naturally occurring sugars, especially lactose, into lactic acid, promoting a more balanced and stable intestinal environment -- That's important news for those who are lactose intolerant!!!  As one of the most abundant sources of lactose is milk, these beneficial bacteria have been used for thousands of years to produce yogurt, cheese, and fermented milks.  Both science and folklore support healthful roles for these foods.....

  acidophilus More Information on Acidophilus Plus™ Supplement

Enzyme™ Digestive Aid

Assists pancreatic enzymes digest carbohydrates, fats and protein foods in the small intestine.  This is where most digestion takes place and also where the nutrients are absorbed.

GNLD NeoLife's intestine-targeted health care product Enzyme™ Digestive Aid is a high-potency, comprehensive mixture of plant-derived digestive enzymes for protein, fat, and carbohydrate digestion, enhanced by ox bile (See GNLD's Purity Statement) and dehydrocholic acid.  Our Targeted Delivery Technology digestive enzymes use a special "enteric coating" to protect capsule contents from destruction by stomach acid and assure that active digestive enzymes reach your intestines, where they support optimal digestion.....

  Enzyme Digestive Aid More Information on Enzyme™ Digestive Aids

Beta-Gest® Digestive Enzymes

Beta-Gest® eases upper epigastric discomfort.  GNLD NeoLife's Beta-Gest® Digestive Aid helps maintain HCI levels in the gastric juices of the stomach to adequately digest protein.  HCI is essential for assimilation of calcium.

Beta-Gest® contains lactase that helps digest dairy products which cause many people intestinal discomfort, flatulence, cramps and diarrhea.

GNLD's Beta-Gest® Digestive Aid supports efficient digestion in the stomach with "controlled-release" hydrochloric acid and plant-sourced, acid-stable digestive enzymes to assist digestion of protein and lactose.  Its complete formula addresses the underlying causes of indigestion, not just the symptoms.....

  Beta-Gest Digestive Aid More Information on Beta-Gest® Digestive Aids

Beta-Zyme® Digestive Enzymes

GNLD's Beta-Zyme® Digestive Aid health care product has a "one-two" punch that attacks digestive ailments where they begin, in the stomach and the intestine.  Beta-Zyme® Digestive Aid contains digestive enzymes that support the body's ability to digest carbohydrates, fats and proteins.  Composed of two different GNLD digestive enzyme products, Enzyme™ and Beta-Gest®, Beta-Zyme® Digestive Aid attacks the cause of digestive discomfort, not just the symptoms.....

  Beta-Zyme Digestive Aid More Information on Beta-Zyme® Digestive Aids

Aloe Vera Plus™

GNLD's Aloe Vera Plus™ calms digestion, soothes inflammation, and settles tummy upsets.....

  Aloe Vera Plus Digestive Aid More Information on Aloe Vera Plus™

Cruciferous Plus™

GNLD's Cruciferous Plus™ contains black mustard and other factors that support nutrition.   Cruciferous Plus helps regulate bowel action and stop excessive "wind".....

  Cruciferous Plus More Information on Cruciferous Plus™

GNLD's Neo-Lax™ Laxative

GNLD's Neo-Lax™ detoxifies, stimulates and gently purges the bowel promoting regularity and proper elimination without being habit-forming.  It relieves constipation and protects against diarrhea.....

  Beta-Zyme Digestive Aid More Information on GNLD's Neo-Lax™

All Natural Fiber Food™

GNLD's All Natural Fiber Food™ absorbs cholesterol, removes excess estrogen, heavy metals and intestinal bacteria without robbing trace minerals.  Fiber softens and increases stool bulk, preventing straining that aggrevates hemorrhoids and varicose veins.  Fiber feeds lactobacilli, slows the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars, and increases bile secretions.

For generations, fiber has been associated with regularity; scientific research supports this important dietary function of fiber as well as other significant health benefits.  GNLD's All-Natural Fiber Food™ and Drink Mix is a tasty and convenient beverage providing 8 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber in each serving, and especially rich in oat fiber, which is shown by research to particularly support heart health.....

  Beta-Zyme Digestive Aid More Information on All Natural Fiber Food™

Garlic Allium Complex™

GNLD's Garlic Allium Complex™ is for gastrointestinal disorders, dysentery, intestinal putrefaction, gas, parasites and overgrowths.

  Beta-Zyme Digestive Aid More Information on Garlic Allium Complex™

Formula IV® (Greenies)

GNLD's daily multiple vitamin, Formula IV®, improves assimilation of nutrients and elimination of wastes.  Essential lipids heal the intestinal walls.....

  Beta-Zyme Digestive Aid More Information on GNLD's Formula IV®

Salmon Oil Plus™

GNLD's Salmon Oil Plus™ with Omega-3 oils, soothes inflamed and irritated bowels.....

GNLD NeoLife Salmon Oil button More Information on GNLD's Salmon Oil Plus™

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