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GNLD Philosophy !!!

At GNLD, we believe the right decisions about nutrition -- deciding what to put into your body and what to keep out of your body -- are among the most important decisions of your life.  These are the same decisions we make everyday for ourselves and our families, and they are the same decisions behind every GNLD product.  And when it comes to our health, our families, and our products, there's simply not room for compromise.

Ask yourself this simple question:  "What's important to me?"   Is it important to you that the nutritional supplements you choose are made from ingredients Mother Nature intended for your body, ingredients proven safe and effective by centuries of human consumption?  Is it important to you that these supplements are based on real, valid science backed by the industry's leader in advanced nutrition?

All GNLD products are Based in Nature, Backed by Science.  Members of our Scientific Advisory Board, all recognized worldwide as leading edge scientists, strictly adhere to Nature's Blueprint as they research, develop, and maintain our world-class products.  Our unique and enduring commitment to product excellence has attracted the attention of researchers from the United States Department of Agriculture, Centers for Disease Control, major universities, and respected scientific institutions around the world.  It has caused GNLD product science to become a frequent topic in major scientific journals and allowed us to form lasting partnerships for the continued expansion of scientific knowledge about nutrition and health with such prestigious organizations as the Stanford University Health Library.

If it is important to you that what you put into your body is the very best nature and science has to offer (and NOT just the cheapest vitamin supplement on the shelf), then you have come to the right place.  You can trust that GNLD will never compromise your health and your family's health -- and neither should you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do the colors for our tablets and capsules come from?
Are these colors of a natural or an artificial origin?

Do GNLD products contain artificial flavors?

MSG is a real concern to many consumers. Could GNLD provide a statement, in writing, identifying which GNLD products contain MSG. Also, could the SAB comment on the scientific facts concerning MSG's affect on the body?

Does GNLD use any genetically modified components?

Are GNLD products or ingredients organic?

At what temperature are all of our products processed?

Not all of the ingredients listed on GNLD product labels look familiar. Could those ingredients be harmful?

What supplements can someone going through chemotherapy take to get healthy?

What is GNLD USA's Pharmaceutical License Number and what is this license for?

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*** As set down by the Food and Drug Administration, vitamin supplement products cannot be advertised as intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. ***

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