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Calcium Magnesium Mineral Supplement

Frequently Asked Questions

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Because of my severe food allergies, I need to know if there are any dairy products, corn, soy, wheat or yeast products present in Chelated Calcium-Magnesium?

Why is magnesium included in Cal-Mag®?  Why is the ratio 2 parts calcium to 1 part magnesium?

Is the "natural color" listed in GNLD's Cal-Mag® added color, or the natural color of the ingredients?

Where or what is calcium glycinate?

If I am allergic to eggs can I still take the Cal-Mag®?

Why does Cal-Mag® have such a low amount of calcium in it?

What is the difference between Cal-Mag® tablets and Cal-Mag® capsules?

I read that eggshell calcium is the least bioavailable.  If this is true, why do we use eggshell calcium in our calcium supplements?

Is there any difference in dissolution time between the capsules and tablets?  Do Cal-Mag® tablets have greater bioavailability than the capsules?  If so, how much?

Is eggshell or oyster shell a better source of calcium?  Why?

Do any of your products contain coral calcium?  What is coral calcium exactly and how does it compare to our calcium products?

Is the best time to take calcium before sleeping or with food?

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