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Frequently Asked Questions

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If someone is allergic to one of the ingredients in Carotenoid Complex™, would they also be allergic to Carotenoid Complex™ as well?

Why is there beeswax in Carotenoid Complex™?  If someone is allergic to honey, can they still consume Carotenoid Complex™?

What is the total carotenoid profile of Carotenoid Complex™?

Why do I need a carotenoid supplement?

What is the difference between killer T-cells and natural killer cells?  Which is cited in the USDA study using Carotenoid Complex™?

What coloring is used in Carotenoid Complex™?

Isn't it less expensive to eat whole foods?

Can I get enough carotenoids from my diet alone?

How is Carotenoid Complex™ different than dunaliella salina?

Are GMO's present in any of the fruits and vegetables used in Carotenoid Complex™?

What is the olive oil in Carotenoid Complex™ for?

What is the size of an optimal serving of fruits and vegetables? How was this size established?  Is the serving size comparable to those listed in the Daily Food Guides?

Which fruits and vegetables make up the optimal serving you are comparing your capsules to?

Do I need to stop taking other antioxidant supplements if I use Carotenoid Complex™?

Are there pesticides in Carotenoid Complex™?

Some people may be concerned about the amount of provitamin A that is in Carotenoid Complex™ because of the toxicity issue surrounding vitamin A.  Can we assure these people this does not apply to provitamin A?

Is it safe?

How does Carotenoid Complex™ compare to other "carotenoid" supplements?

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