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Weight Loss Supplement

Frequently Asked Questions

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How is GR2 Control® different from other diets?

What if I start to feel a lack of energy while on the program?

What if I become constipated while on the program?

What if I develop headaches while on the program?

How long can I stay on the program?

I want to know if lactose-intolerant people will be able to take the GR2 Control® Meal Replacement Shake.

Can I still drink Vitality Aloe Vera Plus while on the program?

At what age can one use GR2 Control®?

Can the Meal Replacement Protein Shake be mixed and then frozen to take with me to use later?  Will it still have the same nutrient value?

Can pregnant women and women who are breast-feeding use the new GR2 Control® Weight Loss Program?

Will heating the Meal Replacement Protein Shake destroy any of its nutrients?

What is the difference between GR2 Control® Meal Replacement Protein Shake and NouriShake?

Can I use Doctors' Diet as a replacement for the GR2 Control® Meal Replacement Protein Shake?

I've never heard of Acesulfame-K, is it safe?

What if I suffer from hypoglycemia - can I use the program?

What if I have Type I or Type II diabetes?

Can I use the program if I have thyroid problems?

My doctor says I have heart disease.  Can I still use the program?

Can I use the program if I'm taking prescription medications?

Would it be advisable to add PhytoDefense to the GR2 Control® program?

What are vegetarian substitutes for meats, besides tofu?

Some of us are losing weight very slowly, counter to the claims and testimonies.  Would a loss of six pounds and 1-2 inches in 2 weeks be normal?

Is it true that the Enjoy/Avoid guide is only for dinner?  Can any substitutions be made for the mini-meals, or will more suggestions be added later?

Should breads be checked for sugar content? Is there an allowable range, since most have some sweetener in them?  What about oils?

Are we to be watching the total grams of sugar in various products?  Are sugar-free flavored yogurts allowed?

It would be helpful to have the serving sizes listed on the pages of the Enjoy/Avoid booklet.

When would one eat the sweets and treats listed in the Enjoy/Avoid booklet?

What is the amino acid breakdown for GR2 Control® Meal Replacement Protein Shake?

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