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this is a GNLD hype free zone imageGNLD Neolife's Salmon Oil Plus™
Fish Oil Supplement

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can Salmon Oil Plus™ have more omega 3 fatty acids then the
other omega 3 products and still be in a smaller capsule?

If there are eight members in the omega-3 fatty acid family why didn't GNLD have them in the Omega 3 Salmon Oil Plus™ before now?

What is Molecular Differentiation?

Why did GNLD use tuna in Salmon Oil Plus™?

Why are anchovies and sardines used in Salmon Oil Plus™?

Can GNLD use molecular differentiation for Omega 3 Concentrate to provide a higher level of potency?

Why does Salmon Oil Plus™ contain more DHA then the other products?

Is Salmon Oil Plus™ Patented?

Is Salmon Oil Plus™ more effective in relieving inflammation than the other omega 3 products?

How much of the fatty acids are from Salmon Oil?

Will I experience the repeating with Salmon Oil Plus™ as I do with the current omega 3 products?

Is Omega III Salmon Oil the same or similar to Cod Liver Oil™?

How would someone go about reducing LDL and increasing HDL levels and decreasing total triglyceride levels in the blood? Would Omega III Salmon Oil Plus™ provide any benefit?

What diseases does GNLD check for in the fish used in Omega III Salmon Oil Plus™?

Why isn't Omega III Salmon Oil Plus™ processed as water-miscible?

Does Omega III Salmon Oil Plus™ work in the cell or in the joint where it has an anti-inflammatory effect?

Is Omega III Salmon Oil Plus™ best taken early in the morning on an empty stomach for best absorption?

Which provides more essential fatty acids:  Omega III Salmon Oil Plus™ or Evening Primrose Oil?

What kind of testing takes place to insure there is no mercury in the Omega III Salmon Oil Plus™?

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