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Frequently Asked Questions

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Could you list the name of each colored tablet and capsules in each Vitality Pack?

I am a senior female, taking Active 40 Plus™.  Do I still need extra calcium?

Why aren't there chelated minerals in Active 40 Plus™?

What supplements do you suggest for athletes to take?

Why is the Vitamin B tablet in the Stress 30™ pack coated red, and what is it?

Why are there so many pills in the Daily Vitality Packs?  Are there specific nutrients that work better as separate pills?

Why does Stress 30™ have more zinc than the other Vitality Packs?  Is it possible to have too much zinc?

We are currently on the GR2 Control® program.  Do we continue to take the regular GNLD supplements?

If I am taking one of the Daily Vitality Packs, do I need to take any other supplements?

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