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GNLD NeoLife Super C Threshold Control™ Supplement

fast facts about GNLD Neolife products buttonTechnologically-advanced threshold controlled Super Vitamin C allows sustained release of vitamin C for six hours or more.

GNLD's Technologically-advanced Threshold-Controlled Super Vitamin C allows sustained release of vitamin C for six hours or more.Super Vitamin C supplies more vitamin C than 8 small oranges in a convenient, easy-to-swallow tablet.

Technologically-advanced threshold controlled Super Vitamin C allows sustained release of vitamin C for six hours or more.  Super Vitamin C supplies more vitamin C than 8 small oranges in a convenient, easy-to-swallow tablet.

GNLD's ascorbic acid is derived from a vegetable base -- it is NOT synthetic.  Ascorbic acid is the technical name for vitamin C.  When the label of a GNLD product reflects the name ascorbic acid instead of vitamin C, or thiamin instead of B1, this does not mean the component is synthetic, nor does it indicate a change in formula.  We use the technical name of the vitamin to meet regulations and labeling requirements.  GNLD's philosophy has always been to use nature as our guide and to provide our distributors and customers with the highest quality, highest purity health and nutrition products available.

Certified Kosher:  View Certificate

Benefits of Super C Threshold Control™:

  • Vitamin C provides antioxidant activity, and is critical in the formation and maintenance of connective tissue. nbsp;Vitamin C also supports proper functioning of the immune system. ***

  • With Neo-Plex Concentrate:  All the naturally-occurring elements in whole oranges, except water (contains juice, vitamin C, flavedo, mesocarp, endocarp, protopectins, p-factors, and flavonoids), to enhance absorption and utilization of vitamin C.

  • Vegetable sourced GNLD vitamin C products with Neo-Plex Concentrate contain the phytonutrients spectrum of whole oranges, delivering vitamin C as nature intended.

  • GNLD's Threshold Controlled formula helps maintain elevated blood levels of vitamin C with a slow release over six hours.

  • Threshold Control Formula maintains sustained release of nutrients for up to 6 full hours.

  • High-potency dosage; 430 mg of vitamin C per tablet.

How does GNLD's Threshold Controlled technology release the nutrients over time?

GNLD's Threshold Controlled technology features our exclusive process which allows for slow, monitored release of nutrients into the system.  Utilizing a special matrix to control the release of nutrients, Threshold Control technology helps maintain maximum blood levels for six full hours or more.

GNLD's Threshold Control technology is not simply a special method of coating the tablet.  The tablet coating does control the rate at which the nutrients first become available to the system.  After the coating dissolves it is the job of our unique, natural matrix to gradually release nutrients for absorption.  The nutrients are held in place within a framework that breaks down during the digestive process; as the matrix disintegrates it slowly loses its ability to hold onto nutrients and they are gradually freed for the body to take up and quote graphic

The Need for Vitamin C:

the importance of Vitamin C image buttonSurgery, injury, the consumption of alcohol, stress, menstruation, diabetes and smoking tobacco (whether it is cigarettes, loose tobacco or cigars smoking) destroy Vitamin C. (25 mg of Vitamin C are destroyed each time you smoke a cigarette.)

the importance of Vitamin C image buttonVitamin C protects the cells, B complex vitamins, Vitamin E and Vitamin A from oxidation and aids in the absorption of the mineral, iron.

the importance of Vitamin C image buttonVitamin C plays an important role in nerve and brain function, the production of connective tissue and digestive enzymes, formation of teeth and bones, the healing of wounds, and glandular activity.

the importance of Vitamin C image buttonThere is a positive connection between vitamin C and bone calcium density in postmenopausal women.

the importance of Vitamin C image buttonVitamin A, bioflavanoids, calcium, magnesium, and manganese are important nutrients that work with Vitamin C and should be taken together and not isolated.

the importance of Vitamin C image buttonVitamin C regenerates Vitamin E and stablizes collagen.

Vitamin C increases white blood cells that eat up cancer.  I took time release Vitamin C -- gradually increasing to 2000 mg 2X a day.  (Reduce it if you start experiencing diarrhea.)  A person needs to wean off of high doses of Vitamin C slowly to avoid the immune system from going quote graphic

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UPDATE - February 22, 2012:  Neo-Lax is now more convenient to use, because it is twice as effective.  You simply take half the amount as you were used to taking of the discontinued Neo-Lax formula to achieve the same gentle cleansing action.  Our Scientific Advisory Board worked closely with our suppliers of Senna leaf and Buckthorn bark to standardize the active ingredients:  Senna is standardized to 16mg total sennosides, while Buckthorn is standardized to 20mg total glucofrangulins per serving.  Extracts of Senna and Buckthorn are now used instead of their powdered forms.

All NEW Neo-Lax contains the same complementary herbs in the original formula that work together to help aid the body's natural processes, and test results prove the product's continued efficacy.

This product is the same price per serving as the original formula Neo-Lax.

Lastly, the shape of the new tablet is a rounded oval to help you distinguish it from the original formula round tablets.

Item# 3632:
Neo-Lax™ Herbal Laxative
(90 tablets) $20.95

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NOTICE:  This product contains senna leaf, buckthorn bark and rhubarb root. Read and follow the directions carefully. Do not use if you have or develop diarrhea, loose stools, or abdominal pain because senna leaf, buckthorn bark and rhubarb root may worsen these conditions and be harmful to your health. Consult your physician if you have frequent diarrhea or if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medications, or have a medical condition.

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