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Your source for saw palmetto, vitex, wild yam, reishi mushroom, elecampane and much more!!!

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Herbs -- Making their way to the forefront

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GNLD herbal alternatives for wellness imagePeople everywhere are exploring and embracing the value of herbs to help restore harmony and balance, strengthen their immune systems, and more!  The World Health organization has even adopted a resolution urging governments to integrate traditional remedies - including herbs and herbal alternatives - into their national health systems!

In addition, studies regarding the health promoting benefits of herbs, as well as vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, are appearing more frequently in scientific journals and general media.  According to a recent special issue of Time magazine, great numbers of people are incorporating herbs into their lives - and they're seeing results!

Powerful, effective, yet gentle, each exclusive Herbal Alternatives product is formulated based on the unique concept of "polypharmacy" -- the use of a synergistic combination of specialized herbs to target your specific wellness needs.  Herbs, like saw palmetto, work best when accompanied by other herbs.  Herbal Alternatives gives you the ideal combinations for your well-being!

Do you feel your best all the time?

Just because you don't have a disease doesn't necessarily mean you're at your healthy best.  You may feel fine, but could you feel even better?  Of course you seek out a doctor when you're ill or injured, but do you need a medical professional to have a great day - every day?

For generations, both Eastern and Western cultures have relied upon herbal traditions that emerged from the forests, jungles, and ancestral lands of the earth's peoples.  Daily wellness, that state of feeling at your best every day, has, for most of human history, been strongly associated with daily use of herbs.  Contemporary science now confirms that if you seek to feel your best every day, you should consider the Herbal Alternatives.

The GNLD Difference:

  • Exclusive formulas:
    developed under the guidance of GNLD's Scientific Advisory Board, with the assistance of one of the world's foremost medical herbalists, Dr. Ann Walker.

  • The most asked-for herbs:
    including St. John's wort, saw palmetto, vitex, wild yam, reishi mushroom, and elecampane.

  • Exceptionally pure herbal constituents:
    Hand-harvested in ancient fields, each herb is processed without toxic gases, gamma radiation or preservatives.

  • Superior 3-step extraction process:
    to assure complete extraction of active herbal constituents.

  • NO RADIATION used in the manufacturing process!

  • Standardized potency of active ingredients:
    GNLD uses a variety of specialized tests, including HPLC testing, to assure consistent herbal actives in every batch.

  • Guaranteed purity, potency, and consistency:
    Setting the highest standards, Herbal Alternatives are made under the strictest of manufacturing practices -- so you're guaranteed a superior product every time!

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Can you be healthy but not well?

Yes!  You could be lacking symptoms of any disease.  You could be receiving all the nutrients you need. But you might not be feeling 100 percent well.

Consider as an example a healthy woman who, come every spring, is sensitive to pollen in the air.  Again, she is healthy, but again, she is not as well as she could be.  Perhaps herbs may be of benefit in decreasing her sensitivity to pollen.  Or, in another scenario, this healthy woman may have a more dramatic menstrual cycle than average.  Maybe her discomfort is not severe enough for a visit to the doctor, hormone therapy, or drugs, but it detracts from her sense of wellness.  Perhaps herbs could support the natural ability of her body to normalize her cycle.  Similarly, a person who is experiencing digestive complaints may not have any disease, but could experience enhanced well-being with laxative herbs.

Over the course of years, the imbalances that compromise wellness may erode health.  Enhancing wellness is a step towards feeling better and staying healthy.

GNLD's herbal products are formulated and manufactured with the highest regard to safety.  If you are pregnant, however, you should consult with your physician before embarking upon any herbal supplementation program.GNLD blockquote image

See Alphabetical List of Herbs and the Benefits of Herbs HERE.

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