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The World's Best Scientific Experts Unite


With a watchful eye on the future, GNLD's Scientific Advisory Board has partnered with the world's best scientific minds to create an expansive Global Science Network.  This Network has included researchers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, the United Nations, and dozens of world-leading formulators, raw materials suppliers, and clinical laboratories.

Global Science Network image photoThis far-reaching network is the future for other companies
. . . . .but it's the present for GNLD today!

You know, you find as we turned the decade, a lot of companies are coming out and saying, "We've got a scientific advisory board, too."   We've already evolved to the next level by creating the Global Science Network.  The Scientific Advisory Board is at the core; but there are literally hundreds of scientists in dozens of disciplines all over the world hooked up to our network at any given moment.  So we have this group all over the world that is involved in monitoring research for us.  We get regular reports from geneticists who go to genetic meetings and come back and feed us reports ... regular reports about what goes on at the FASEB meetings ... regular reports about what goes on at International Life Sciences meetings in Europe, and Africa, and Australia -- from all of these people that participate in our networks.  They feed it back in, they look at it, they read it, and they say, "I think this is important."   And we get what they think ..... right fresh off, as close as you can get it, to the immediate source.

Lifetime Nutritional Supplement Parameters:

When we put products together, we assume people might take them for their whole lives, and we look at them on that scale.  While the competition is trying to find the next fad, we are trying to find the next fact, so we can add something that's going to help somebody for the rest of their lives.  So there's a lot of other companies out there who will throw these formulations together for you in a rush to keep up with the latest fads.

Stanford University:  GNLD Lecture Series

MLM Direct selling  is a great way to earn money the GNLD way!GNLD & Stanford Health Library Unite!
The Dr. Arthur Furst Nutrition & Disease Prevention Lecture Series is hosted annually by Stanford University and GNLD to help change the face of health care.

GNLD, one of the world's oldest, most respected nutritional companies, is partnered with The Health Library at Stanford to teach tomorrow's doctors about the critical role of nutrition in disease prevention.

Historical Moment

Held on campus at Stanford University for the first time on April 10, 2001, this significant lecture series was the largest event of its kind in the history of Stanford Medical Center.  The important lecture series was established in honor of Arthur Furst, Ph.D., Sc.D., senior member of GNLD's Scientific Advisory Board, eminent research chemist, toxicologist, pioneer, professor, international lecturer, and recipient of numerous distinguished honors and awards.

Not too many years ago, the nutritional supplement industry was regarded by the medical and health care community as purveyors of unsubstantiated hype.  Today nutritional supplementation is a well accepted dietary practice, and GNLD is increasingly recognized as the scientific leader.

A Special Man

Throughout Dr. Arthur Furst's long, distinguished career, he has been recognized as one of the most brilliant minds in the field of disease prevention.  A pioneer of cancer research, Dr. Furst established the Cancer Chemotherapy Laboratories many years ago while Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the Stanford School of Medicine.  Among Dr. Furst's many accomplishments is his development of the world's first antioxidant product back in the 1970's, at GNLD International.

The ongoing Arthur Furst Lecture Series, which honors the life and work of the late GNLD Scientific Advisory Board Founder, Emeritus Dr. Arthur Furst, continues to provide a forum for distinguished scientists, doctors, and medical professors to present the very latest disease-prevention research.  "The Arthur Furst lecture series is just one more way GNLD is changing the face of healthcare and disease prevention through nutrition," says Scientific Advisory Board member and Vice President of Science and Technology John Miller.  "As more and more of today's scientists and tomorrow's doctors embrace the cutting-edge research that has been a company hallmark for more than five decades, GNLD Distributors can feel proud of these top-quality products that are proven to empower people to take control of their health."  Through the years, Dr. Furst played a major role in advancing GNLD's scientific leadership in the nutrition industry.  GNLD's request that this lecture series be named in his honor was a token of their appreciation.

More than 800 of the nation's leading doctors, researchers, medical students, scientists, and health professionals attend GNLD's annual Arthur Furst Lecture Series on Nutrition and Disease Prevention at Stanford to learn how good nutrition can literally add years to one's life.

It's rare for a private health and nutrition company to be embraced with a unique university partnership such as this.  A company must first be recognized as an authority in its industry, and accepted as a responsible, scientifically sound and ethically strong organization.

Barbara Ralston, director of the Health Library at Stanford, put into words the high esteem Stanford holds GNLD,  "We're proud to partner with a top-notch company, GNLD International, to present this extraordinary academic education program.  GNLD researches the science of, and produces, food supplements, and has done so with the highest degree of scientific and ethical integrity for over 50 years."

"We look forward to continuing our relationship with Stanford far into the future.  GNLD has a deep and abiding respect for this institution and its mission in the world, and we're proud that Stanford has chosen to partner with GNLD", says Scientific Advisory Board member and Vice President of Science and Technology John Miller.

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The Late Dr Arthur Furst
Dr. Arthur Furst was the Senior and Founding Member of the SAB.
He is greatly missed.

Read Dr. Arthur Furst's Orbituary here.

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