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fast facts about GNLD Neolife products buttonGNLD Tre' Pomegranate Liquid Nutrition Juice

NOT “just another juice”, Tre' is a bioactive nutritional essence
created by the world's most experienced & respected whole-food experts.

Tre' is a unique combination of nature's most potent, health-enhancing ingredients:  pomegranate, acai berry, and green tea.

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These phytonutrient-rich Super Fruits are then combined with Inflox, an exclusive proprietary blend of deep dark berries that support the body's natural ability to fight inflammation and oxidation, the evil twins of aging and disease.  This unique blend is further enhanced with two powerful, scientifically validated anti-aging antioxidants, resveratrol and alpha-lipoic acid, to bring to you a potent essence of nature based on a foundation of science.  TRE' represents the next frontier in the pursuit of lifelong health and vitality, nutritionally supporting and promoting optimal cognitive agility for today and longevity for tomorrow.  TRE' is for living long.  TRE' is for living well.  TRE' is for you.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid:  Alpha-lipoic acid inhibits mercury damage to neurons and cadmium damage to the liver.  It may bind with mercury and cadmium and help with their removal.  Alpha-lipoic acid may also reduce damage from lead by protecting cells in the brain and nervous system.

Green Tea:  One of the ingredients in green tea is l-theanine, which has been scientifically proven to bring the brain into an alpha wave state, inducing relaxation and reduced feelings of anxiety.  It not only calms your worries but also increases concentration and energy.

The Benefits of GNLD Tre Pomegranate Juice:

  • Potent and unique combination of the purest extracts of pomegranate, acai berry, and green tea, combined with our proprietary Inflox berry blend, TRE' is enhanced with resveratrol and alpha-lipoic acid, and is sweetened naturally with the nectar from the agave cactus.

  • Standardized amounts of active ingredients such as punicalagins in Pomegranate and polyphenols in Green Tea assures you a powerful measure of the most potent bioactive essence in each serving.

  • Drawn from a broad spectrum of powerful Super Fruits, TRE' assures you the nutrient diversity your body needs—and nature intended!

  • Conceived and created by GNLD's Scientific Advisory Board—world-renowned experts in creating whole-food based, scientifically proven products.

  • Delicious and concentrated, from the first sip, you will experience the refreshing taste and the invigorating potency of the active ingredients—for living long and living well.

  • Refreshing beverage with a low glycemic response

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FACTOID ABOUT ACAI:  Juicy, sweet, and acidic, the guava's taste is reminiscent of strawberries and pears.  The edible rind may be white, yellow, pink, or red and may be seedless or filled with pale, edible seeds.  Round, oval, or pear-shaped, guavas tend to be 2-4 inches long and are an excellent source of vitamin C.  Also containing vitamin A, fiber, potassium and phosphorus, guava can be used in juices, jams, and desserts.

Harnessing The Rich Bounty of Nature

The keys to wellness, cognitive wellbeing, and longevity are found in the purity and power of whole foods drawn directly from nature. Unfortunately, our modern diet and lifestyles offer less and less of the essential foods needed to support optimal health, mental clarity, and functional longevity.

This lack of critical whole-food nutrients is allowing oxidation and inflammation—the evil twins of aging and disease—to attack and undermine our health in ways we never anticipated in generations past. Significant scientific evidence now shows that poor diet puts us at great risk of chronic disease and impacts the health of our heart, brain, and cells. TRE' Is For You

TRE' is a bioactive nutritional essence that harnesses the rich, rejuvenating bounty of nature.  It's a liquid drawn from a select group of nature's most powerful and unique fruits that are naturally rich in bioactive compounds, called polyphenols, that have the remarkable ability to promote health.  Science has shown that the polyphenols found in these fruits, often referred to as super fruits, play a wide range of critical roles in supporting and promoting health, longevity, and cognitive function.  What research tells us is that when polyphenols are absent or deficient in our diets, the aging processes are accelerated and disease risk is higher.  Conversely, when they are abundant in the diet, aging is slowed and disease risk is lower.

Combining ancient wisdom of the Mediterranean, the Amazon, and the Orient validated by modern science, TRE' is built on a powerful foundation of Pomegranate, Acai berry, and Green Tea, along with Inflox, our proprietary blend of deep, dark, antioxidant-rich berries.  The result?  A delicious combination of ingredients that are recognized for their ability to promote health, improve mental agility, and maximize healthy lifespan.

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pomegranate juice image20 TIMES

the punicalagins of FRESH

red wine image5-10 TIMES

the resveratrol

ripe tomatoes image7 TIMES

the antioxidant power of

fresh spinach image6 TIMES

the alpha-lipoic acid of


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  • Helps you live longer and healthier
  • Enhances metabolism to burn fat and calories
  • Helps lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol
  • Promotes health and longevity
  • Contains incredibly high levels of antioxidants
  • Helps fight serious diseases


  • It's an astonishing antioxidant.  Wine grapes make resveratrol to defend themselves from fungal invaders.  And we've found it's a flat-out fantastic antioxidant — a key reason why great red wines can age for decades and grow even better with time.

  • It has amazing heart health benefits.  Volumes of early research show resveratrol helps protect the heart and arteries from free-radical damage.  It also helps block the oxidation of cholesterol in your arteries...

  • And promotes healthy blood pressure!  Animal studies suggest it does so by relaxing and expanding blood vessels.  Better still, we believe it also...

  • Supports brain function as we grow older.  This is a fabulous side-benefit of its antioxidant powers.  By protecting brain cells, it may also help aging brains stay sharp and focused. Plus, it...

  • May even promote optimum dental health!  HOW?  Because resveratrol also supports an anti-inflammatory process, so...

In sum, resveratrol addresses all

  1. As a mega-antioxidant, it blocks free-radical damage.
  2. It may help cut inflammation linked to premature aging.
  3. Early research shows it may even promote healthy cell replication. So your heart, brain, skin, and other organs can renew themselves with perfectly healthy young cells.


Avoid these common

All this exciting news about resveratrol makes me confident that huge numbers of Americans will start taking it.  But if you don’t take the right type, dosage, and blend, you may be bitterly disappointed.
Don’t get snookered into accepting:

  1. WRONG KIND!  Look for the type called trans-resveratrol—NOT cis-resveratrol!  Trans-resveratrol is more biologically active and beneficial.  This means it will have a greater effect on more of your cells.  And that’s why GNLD's Tre' is extremely rich in trans-resveratrol.

  2. DINKY DOSAGE!  Don’t settle for a “dusting” in your supplement.  Each daily dose of GNLD's Tre' provides you with 5 to 10 times the amount of resveratrol as in red wine — (500 mcg Resveratrol, 3 g Proprietary Inflox berry blend, 3 g Super Fruit Blend, 20 mg Alpha-lipoic Acid).

  3. DON’T TAKE IT “SOLO” — but together with the full range of other polyphenols also found in red wine.  Researchers at the University of Wisconsin believe they all work together to give red wine its remarkable health benefits.  That’s why GNLD's Tre' contains a potent, high-quality blend of these red wine compounds, along with green tea, acai berry, agave cactus and GNLD's proprietary blend of deep, dark, antioxidant-rich berries, rich in polyphenols, alpha-lipoic acid, punicalagins, resveratrol, and phyto-nutrients.

  4. IF IT DOESN’T SAY “STANDARDIZED,” put it back on the rack!  GNLD's Tre' is standardized to 40% trans-resveratrol, 35% Pomegranate punicalagin, 50% acai berry polyphenols and 20% red wine polyphenols.  And the word “standardized” on our label guarantees you receive this high potency.  Watch our video about the Standardization of TRE' here!

The extract in TRE' is the ONLY resveratrol I know of that fulfills all these requirements.  I’ve never seen anything else that remotely measures up.  Try TRE' and experience the difference yourself!

You don't just drink Tre' — you EXPERIENCE TRE'.

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The GNLD Difference

TRE' is a perfect reflection of GNLD's product philosophy -- Based in Nature, Backed by Science.  Its standardized and focused nutrient diversity is a pure expression of nature's plan for human nutrition.

TRE' is:
  • Potent and unique, a combination of the purest extracts of Pomegranate, Acai berry, and Green Tea, along with our proprietary Inflox berry blend, enhanced with resveratrol and alpha-lipoic acid.  TRE' is sweetened naturally with the nectar from the Agave cactus.

  • Powerful.  With standardized amounts of active ingredients such as punicalagins in Pomegranate and polyphenols in Green Tea, you are assured a powerful measure of the most potent bioactive essence in each serving.

  • Delicious and concentrated.  TRE' is not just juice.  It is a unique combination of nature's most health-enhancing ingredients, blended with powerful, anti-aging antioxidants to bring you a pure essence of nature, based on a foundation of science.  From the first sip, you will experience the refreshing taste and the invigorating potency of the ingredients.

  • Healthy and smart, a revitalizing essence with a low glycemic response.

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Your SAB Guarantee

Scientific Advisory Board logo image photoTRE' was conceived and created by GNLD's scientific advisory board-world-renowned experts in whole-food nutrient identification, extraction, and concentration, committed to delivering scientifically proven products for lifetime health and vitality.  All of the ingredients in TRE' were carefully selected based on evidence of the nutrients they contain, and the specific roles, individually and synergistically, that they play in delivering powerful benefits.

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VIDEO:  The Benefits Of GNLD TRE'

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Scientific References

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Spencer WM. et al. Blueberry-induced changes in spatial working memory correlate with changes in hippocampal CREB phosphorylation and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels. Free Radical Biology and Medicine 2008; 45 (3): 295-305.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size:  1 fl. oz. (30mL)
Servings Per Container --- 32
Calories --- 25
Amount Per Serving percent
Daily Value*
Total Carbohydrate 6 g 2%
Sugar 6 g
Tre' Superfruit blend:
Pomegranate juice concentrate, pomegranate extract (standardized to 35% punicalagin), açai concentrate (berry) (Euterpe oleracea L.), green tea extract (standardized to 50% total polyphenols)
3 g **
Proprietary Inflox berry blend:
White grape juice concentrate, blueberry, elderberry (fruit) (Sambucus nigra L.), cranberry, black currant, red grapes, bilberry (standardized to 20% total polyphenols)
3 g **
Alpha-lipoic acid 20 mg **
(from grape skin extract standardized to 40% total polyphenols)

  * Daily Values not established
** Daily Value not established

Other ingredients (less than .1 percent of volume):  Purified water, agave syrup, sodium benzoate (to preserve flavor)

Suggested use:  Drink 1 fl oz (30ml), 1-2 times daily.
Serve Chilled.  Shake well before use.

Store away from direct sunlight.
Refrigerate after opening.

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Tre' Pomegranate Juice
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