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Build your Immune System -- Fight Colds and Flu !!!

GNLD NeoLife offers high potency, vegetable food-sourced Vitamin C from oranges, lemons, and grapefuit to enhance bioavailability.  GNLD NeoLife Chewable All-C™ also contains rose hips (the base of the rose bloom) and acerola cherries -- nature's richest Vitamin C sources!

GNLD's ascorbic acid is derived from a vegetable base -- it is NOT synthetic.  Ascorbic acid is the technical name for vitamin C.  When the label of a GNLD product reflects the name ascorbic acid instead of vitamin C, or thiamin instead of B1, this does not mean the component is synthetic, nor does it indicate a change in formula.  We use the technical name of the vitamin to meet FDA regulations and labeling requirements.  GNLD's philosophy has always been to use nature as our guide and to provide our distributors and customers with the highest quality, highest purity health and nutrition products available.

Why do you need Vitamin C???

Vitamin C has long been thought of as the cold season antioxidant -- but Vitamin C doesn't stop there!  A continuous, plentiful supply of Vitamin C supports your immune system and promotes heart health, normal cellular activity, longevity, and more.  That's a whole range of benefits you could miss out on if you supplement only during the cold and flu season!

A recent study indicated that 30% of all participants were Vitamin C deficient -- not consumig the modest 60 mg RDA for Vitamin C.  How much Vitamin C are YOU getting?  You need this crucial antioxidant every day.  Because it is water-soluble and can't be stored OR manufactured by your body, it must constantly be replenished through your diet.  Boost your Vitamin C intake year-round with GNLD NeoLife unique whole food Vitamin C supplements!

Unlike other companies, we don't just offer Vitamin C --
we offer four whole oranges!!!

Top nutritionist, Dr. Don Lawson, always said that 80% of synthetic ascorbic acid is flushed through the kidneys within two hours of taking it.  The body cannot utilize chemical Vitamin C properly. However if you take a natural, vegetable-sourced Vitamin C you can utilize the Vitamin C present and build proper collagen.  Collagen is the substance that keeps your body together -- Like a brick wall, your calcium is like the bricks and the mortor is the collagen that holds the bricks together.  Without collagen you would fall apart.  Your calcium needs collagen and your collagen needs Vitamin quote graphic

5 Juicy reasons to take GNLD NeoLife Vitamin C:

  1. High potency, food sourced Vitamin C from corn and related food factors from oranges, lemons, and grapefuit enhance bioavailability. GNLD NeoLife Chewable All-C™ also contains rose hips (the base of the rose bloom) and acerola cherries -- nature's richest itamin C sources!

  2. Exclusive Neo-Plex Concentrate helps your body better absorb an utilize Vitamin C.  This unique blend of whole citrus fruits provides virtually all the nutritional elements found in whole oranges, minus the water:  these include juice, rind and pulp factors -- so you get Vitamin C, bioflavonoids, flavedo, mesocarp, endocarp and protopectins!

  3. Other whole food bioflavonoids deliver broad-spectrum phytonutrients: rutin from buckwheat, hesperidin from grapefruit, and bio-flavonoid complex from lemon.

    ingredients of whole citrus graphic

  4. Long-term potency assured.  Careful measurement and rigorous testing assures you receive full potency throughout the label-stated shelf life.

  5. Variety. Available in two potencies and two forms: chewable All-C™ Vitamin C tablets (200 mg), and our exclusive Threshold Controlled Vitamin C tablets (425 mg) for controlled release over a 6-hour period.

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GNLD's list of vitamin C deficiency symptoms.   Read about Vitamin C deficiency symptoms!
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GNLD's Chewable All-C™:

GNLD NeoLife product called All-C is a delicious, cherry flavored, chewable vitamin C and is great for children or anyone who prefers chewable tablets.  You can take them throughout the day to maintain high vitamin C levels, or take a tablet whenever you want the vitamin C value of 4 small oranges.

Anti-aging Vitamin C More Information about GNLD's Chewable All-C™ Vitamin C

GNLD's Super C Threshold Control™:

Technologically-advanced Threshold Controlled Super Vitamin C allows sustained release of vitamin C for six hours or more.  Super Vitamin C supplies more vitamin C than 8 small oranges in a convenient, easy-to-swallow tablet.

Anti-aging Vitamin C More Information about Super C Threshold Control™

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*** As set down by the Food and Drug Administration, vitamin supplement products cannot be advertised as intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. ***

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Anti-aging Chewable Vitamin C Chewable Vitamin C

Anti-aging Super Vitamin C Threshold Control Super C Threshold Control

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